BSI ISO 9001 BSI ISO 14001 BSI ISO 18001

“Building our business based on an integrity driven approach is fundamental to our success”

“We are able to offer an unrivalled level of experience covering frontline maintenance and inspection for all types of structures, confidently ensuring your project proceeds on track”

“We are financially disciplined and therefore able to allocate capital resources in a flexible and focused manner to deliver our services competently”

“We strive to ensure that the decisions we make, take into account all health and safety, environmental and social considerations across our business units”

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GEV Offshore
provides clients with an extensive range of specialist engineering, maintenance and inspection services, available when needed and delivered on time

Welcome to GEV Offshore

GEV Offshore is one of the leading specialist engineering & access companies in the United Kingdom and overseas with an extensive blue chip client base, providing a service built on a commitment to safety and quality.

We are able to offer a wide range of services including frontline maintenance and inspection for all types of structures covering the oil & gas to power generation sectors.

In addition, our services extend to electrical, mechanical, construction, coating and cleaning services using skilled tradesmen and full project management.

Our personnel benefit from extensive experience of providing these services to a wide range of production and drilling structures from offshore platforms, land rigs and FPSO’s to gas plants and offshore wind farms. This includes providing specialist teams to work at height or in difficult to access areas.

Our experience working in challenging international markets has been a feature since inception and we are delighted to be represented either directly or through our key partners in locations around the World. Our expertise in exporting quality workmanship and a strong health and safety culture, provides overseas clients with significant peace of mind typically not available in the respective local marketplace.